Mariotti Solves Stacking Problems for Golden Star

Mariotti helps solve the material handling and stacking problems of customers who demand the utmost professionalism and quality.  Customers choose Mariotti because of its unique specifications, often as the result of unusual, tailor-made needs that conventional forklifts are incapable of meeting.

One such customer, is Gold Star.  Located in Atchison, Kansas, Phil Sower of Golden Star and his team use their Mariotti forklifts throughout the plant in a variety of ways.  Gold Star manufacturers brooms, mops, and microfiber cleaning products for the world over. Mariotti forklifts are utilized in the warehouse, distribution, and production areas of the business.  The size, ease of operation, and ability to work in narrow spaces is what drew Phil to the Mariotti line of lift trucks. 

With the use of the Mariotti fork trucks, the facility has been able to reduce aisle width, increase storage space, and increase production efficiency. With a decrease distance from raw product racks to production lines, they saw an increase in their bottom line!

As Golden Star’s older large trucks come up for replacement, Phil plans on replacing them all with Mariotti!

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