A Light-weight Solution in Spain

Established in 1929 in Madrid, Spain, the multinational CEPSA (Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. ) is a leading oil and gas pioneer with operations in Europe, North Africa, North America, and Central America. Recently, the Seville/Extremadura branch of LINDE MATERIAL HANDLING IBERICA called Mariotti S.r.l. in search of the best solution to serve specific needs of their packaging warehouse at the CEPSA QUIMICA plant in San Roque (Cádiz, Spain).

CEPSA needed to replace an old imported front-loader and was in need of a “customized” electric pallet truck, both of which no longer complied with European regulations. Since there was no way a standard solution could solve the problems they were facing, LMHI Sevilla/Extremadura proposed a Mariotti ME 6. The ME is a light-weight solution that proved to be the perfect choice for CEPSA’s needs and requirements. The ME 6 had no trouble handling pallets of empty drums on industrial mezzanines that were hoisted down to the ground level for battery recharging.

With its smart, no-fuss design, the ME series has grown to become a best-seller, especially in markets outside the EU, which particularly appreciate its unbeatable value for money. But even in Europe, our ME forklifts have been winning over a growing number of demanding customers thanks to their lightweight mass—a unique advantage in their category, enabling them to operate comfortably on industrial mezzanines, hoist elevators, and fragile surfaces.

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