Across all lines of Mariotti forklifts, one constant is industry-leading maneuverability. Whether your application involves material handling in a freezer, up a ramp, or in any other scenario where nimbleness, reliability, and safety in the tightest spaces is critical, you’re sure to find a suitable lift truck among Mariotti’s four different series.

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Navigate Tight Spaces with Ease

Mariotti’s“economy” line, the ME AC series is perfect for those on a budget, or with lower-hour use cases. It features all the lift and travel capabilities and advanced engineering of more expensive forklifts, but comes without the extra comfort features you’ll find in other Mariotti trucks. Maneuverable in both narrow and low-clearance spaces, the Mariotti ME series offers a turning radius of less than a yard. The smallest ME series truck is able to operate in an 8-ft. aisle and drive through a man door, yet still reach 171 in. without the mast exceeding the height of the overhead guard.

Three Drive Modes for Enhanced Mobility

What truly sets Mariotti’s fully featured MYCROS AC series apart is its three different drive mode options. MYCROS forklifts are available in traditional rear-wheel drive (RWD), popular front-wheel drive (FWD), and advanced all-wheel drive (AWD) configurations. Mariotti has engineered all three travel modes in the exact same footprint, ensuring ultimate maneuverability in a wide variety of situations. The MYCROS series also adds amenities that make it ideal for multiple-shift applications or other higher-hour use cases. For a premium forklift experience, the MYCROS line offers enhanced operator comfort and safety with Curve Speed Control (CSC), a multifunction LCD screen, and more.

Engineered for Unique Applications

The MINI AC series has been specially designed for unique applications, but retains all the maneuverability capabilities of other Mariotti lift truck lines. The Mariotti MINI forklifts are the world’s smallest compact riders. These nimble trucks excel on mezzanines, in elevators, across wooden floors, though doorways, and down average office hallways. Plus, despite their small footprint, MINI forklifts don’t compromise on technology, quality of components, or ease of operation.

Compact, Yet Powerful

The MX series—Mariotti’s most powerful forklift line, with a 48V power supply and lifting capacities of up to 3,000 lbs.—surprises operators with its strength, advanced systems, and compact mobility. The MX series is a promising solution for material handling applications across all sectors of business.