Mariotti forklifts boast a variety of standard safety features that improve ergonomics, operator comfort, and safety:

• Adjustable steering column
• Moveable backrest and armrest
• 3-position suspension seat
• Easy-to-reach controls
• Tortoise and hare driving options
• Storage tray with bottle holder
• LED taillight and safety lights
• Side-shift

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Ergonomics & Safety

Although the ME AC forklift is compact and agile, it is designed to optimize on-board space and offer its operator a comfortable, safe, and unbelievably roomy working environment. The truck is accessible and equipped with a fully adjustable seat. The steering column is also adjustable and is located on the cross member, resulting in additional foot room. The hydraulic operating levers are easily reached and ergonomically engineered. All of these accommodations allow operators to easily make the proper selections and maximize efficiency in a variety of applications.

Tortoise & Hare Modes

For superior handling, Mariotti lift trucks are fitted with hydraulic brakes and feature two travel speeds: fast and slow. Whereas fast mode is ideal for quickly traversing long, straight stretches in a warehouse, slow mode reduces acceleration as well as velocity, permitting more precise navigation and load control in narrow aisles or other tight spaces.

Curve Speed Control (CSC)

For improved safety, all MYCROS AC lift trucks come standard with a Curve Speed Control (CSC) system, in addition to the safety features offered by other Mariotti forklift lines. When turning, the CSC system automatically adapts truck speed based on the angle of the curve, reducing the truck’s risk of stability loss and load swaying. A state-of-the-art display provides information on the battery charge level, driving direction, speed mode (fast/slow), velocity, and steering wheel position. This display is connected via CAN-bus to both inverters and the VCS, supplying the operator with real-time, graphical information at a glance.

Other Safety Features

  • Back-up safety sensors help to avoid collisions with people, racking, or other machinery
  • A smooth, comfortable ride reduces operator fatigue and increases attentiveness
  • Safety horns and warning lights alert others in the area
  • An overhead guard protects against falling objects
  • Electric-powered traction ensures a safe travel path by reducing slipping and skidding
  • European-designed centered battery provides superior stability and greatly reduces the risk of rollover
  • The seatbelt can prevent serious injury in the case of a rollover or other accident