Unique Applications

Any lift truck can pick up a load and carry it from point A to point B. Mariotti forklifts simply require less space to accomplish these tasks, meaning that they can serve a broader range of industries and unique material handling needs. With the ability to navigate very narrow warehouse aisles, Mariotti trucks like the MYCROS or ME series can help enhance the productivity of your business by allowing you to eliminate open floor space in favor of additional manufacturing or storage space.

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Most service elevators have a carrying capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 lbs. Most forklifts, when moving a load and an operator, exceed this weight and cannot be used to transfer loads between floors. A common solution is to place loads manually onto the elevator, but this process involves staging and transferring the load between multiple pieces of a machinery before it reaches its final destination. The compact size and maneuverability of Mariotti forklifts allow them to not only drive in and out of elevators, but also ride up and down in them, eliminating load transfers and increasing safety and efficiency.


Mezzanines are useful thoroughfares within a manufacturing facility or distribution center. However, due to weight capacity constraints, moving loads over mezzanines can be labor-intensive and require many different pieces of equipment. Often, larger loads must be divided, and this extra handling means lost productivity and increased safety concerns. With their compact size and ergonomic design that doesn’t compromise on power, Mariotti forklifts are capable of picking up entire loads and transporting them across mezzanines, translating to a significant reduction of effort and risk.

Tight Spaces

The needs of a business can change rapidly, and increased production and distribution inventories can turn once-roomy warehouses into tight spaces. Able to operate in narrow aisles, Mariotti forklifts are perfectly suited to navigating this sort of situation safely and efficiently. Plus, with reach heights of up to 243 in. and capacities ranging as high as 3,000 lbs., these compact machines don’t sacrifice capacity for ease of mobility. Let Mariotti lift trucks help your distribution or logistics facility profit by reducing working aisle space, creating more rows of racking to hold more products or materials within the same square footage.


Many retailers struggle to maximize floor space and are constrained by very tight inventory storage areas. Mariotti forklifts can help businesses like clothing stores, micro-breweries, casinos, restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores by providing a small, compact, and easy-to-operate material handling solution. From loading and unloading vans to staging fixtures and restocking shelves safely, Mariotti lift trucks provide great value to small businesses everywhere.

Other Applications

Clean rooms, laboratories, convention centers, electro-hydraulic dams, sports facilities, resorts, and office buildings — Mariotti forklift are counted on to provide effective material handling solutions to these businesses and many more. What unique applications does your company need solutions for? Contact us today to learn how the advanced maneuverability, utility, and safety features of Mariotti lift trucks may be the perfect fit for you.